Cape Town Airport Guide to Cape Town International Airport - CPT

Cape Town Airport Terminals

Cape Town airport has one main terminal building that it is divided between international and domestic flights, which are linked both by the Central Terminal.
The building links both types of flights through a common central area (the check-in area) so, some people consider that Cape Town airport has three terminals, although most of the people consider that it is just one.

Connection between terminals

The airport terminals are connected from the Central Terminal.

On the other hand, if you wish to access to Arrivals and Departures by car you can do so by an elevated roadway system, while the underground walkways connect to the parking garages (2).

Note that ground level domestic and international terminals have at their passengers convenience a free bus to the automated automated baggage handling system.


See below the terminal features:

International Terminal

It is located at the North (entering to the building, to the right).

Domestic Terminal

It is located at the South (entering to the building, to the right).

For both terminals it’s required to firstly check-in into the Central Terminal. The arrivals are located in the ground floor and the departures in the upper floors.

Central terminal building

The Main central terminal building has: 120 check-in desks 20 self-service

After security, passengers may head to a couple of directions:

- Domestic passengers: Southward to the Domestic Terminal

- International passengers: Northward to the International Terminal


The terminal building has 3 floors: Ground Floor, 2nd Floor and 3th Floor.

Ground Floor (Arrivals)

This is the Arrivals level. From this section there is connection to:

- To the right: To domestic arrivals and bus stops to domestic departures.

- To the left: To international and regional arrivals and to international bus stops.

This level has the following services:

- International Arrivals: Arrivals hall, passport control, baggage carousels, meeting areas and customs.

- International Departures: VAT refunds, security screening, check-in areas, boarding area and passport check.

- Domestic Arrivals: Baggage carousels, meeting area.

- Domestic Departures: Check-in, boarding gates, security screening, ATMs, pharmacy, banks, currency exchange, food, drink and retail concessions.

Other services offered: Chapel, Prayer Room, CIP Lounge, Coffee Shop, Counter, Smoking Area, Restrooms, Stores: Book and Magazines, Accessories, Music, Gifts, etc., Food and Beverages, Restaurants, Dry Cleaner, Drop-off Area.


2nd Level (Departures)

This is the Departures level. Passengers can access to this level by the elevated roadway.

Services offered:

- To Domestic departures: Check-in facilities, boarding gates, security screening.

- To International departures: VAT refund, security screening, check-in, passport check, boarding area.

Other services: Departures waiting area, Stores, Restaurants and bars.


3th Level

This level is just dedicated to the food court.

Services offered: Spur/Cactus Bar, Smoking Area, Retail stores, Restaurant.



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VIP Lounges

Lounges located in the Domestic Terminal area

- British Airways Lounge - Phone: +27 (0)21 936 2592.

- South African Airways Lounge - Phone: +27 (0)21 936 2245.

- Premier Lounge - Phone: +27 (0)21 936 3014. Passengers that don’t have a First/Business class or don’t have access to the lounge can pay a fee to enjoy the Premier Lounge facilities.

- VIP Room - Phone: +27 (0)21 937 1233.

Lounges located in the International Terminal

- British Airways Terrace Lounge - Phone: +27 (0)21 936 25 92.

- Two Premier Lounge - Phone: +27 (0)21 936 21 27 // 8. Passengers that don’t have a First/Business class or don’t have access to the lounge can pay a fee to enjoy the Premier Lounge facilities.

- South African Airways Premium Lounges - Phone: +27 (0)21 936 22 45.

- Smokers’ lounge - Access for free. With Internet.

Protocol Lounge

It is located next to the northern side of the International Departures.

Phone: + 27 (0)21 937 12 33.

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